The art of 3D Photography - Stereo Pairs

Depth Charge showcasing 3D Stereo pairs using the Fuji Finepix Real 3D W3 Digital Camera.

Stereo Pairs - Liverpool Street Tube

3D Stereo Pairs - Liverpool Street Tube. View as Anaglyphs

Tip: Click How to view for viewing instruction.


Stereo Pairs - Lloyds of London

3D Stereo Pairs - Lloyds of London. View as Anaglyphs

Tip: Moving further away from the screen tends
to increase the depth of the 3D images.


Stereo Pairs - London Eye Pods

3D Stereo Pairs - London Eye Pods. View as Anaglyphs

Tip: As you get more comfortable viewing 3D stereoscopic images
sway gently from side to side and watch how the images move :-)


Stereo Pairs - Moorgate Underground Station

3D Stereo Pairs - Moorgate underground station. View as Anaglyphs

Tip: If you feel uncomfortable viewing by crossing your eyes, STOP and take a break.
You can obtain 3D glasses and view the images as Anaglyphs.
Stereo Pairs - Rach and Kay Pancakes

3D Stereo Pairs - Rach and Kay pancakes. View as Anaglyphs





Stereo Pairs - Savoy Hotel Ferrari

3D Stereo Pairs - Savoy Hotel Ferrari. View as Anaglyphs



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Depth Charge Stereoscopic 3D Photography


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