Blatent 3D self promotion

Sorry I couldn’t resist putting a couple of photos that I’ve taken to kick off this section of the forum. Please start posting people to stop me posting pictures of my own work 😉

This one taken in Cyprus where they’ve a lot of straight roads lined with beautiful flowers. It’s a stereo-typical 3D shot to capture distance. You’ll notice the bill board and I’m sure you won’t be able to resist looking down the street.

Paphos street view in 3D

View down a street in Paphos with flowers.

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Quite simply beautiful 3D

What really makes a great 3D photograph for me is the surprise of depth. When viewing as an ordinary 2D image the photo doesn’t seem to have much depth to it at all, quite flat. But view this image in 3D by crossing your eyes and Wow!

In it’s own right it’s a beautiful image. Colors and shape. It’s fine art and the art of architecture captured.

3Dphoto on flickr
3D-Thanksgiving Chapel Inside

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Kiwi Zone

I have to mention the kiwi zone website. Not particularly easy to navigate but lots of useful/interesting information and pictures. I’ve spent a lot of time on it. Great introduction for 3D enthusiasts like myself. Click Here


3D on John Wattie's Kiwi Zone website

Tarata Flower shot in Macro Stereo by John Wattie


One of kiwi zones links to takes you to the associated flikr page with a collection of inspiring photography. Most of which is made up of 3D stereoscopic images and anaglyphs as well as some stunning close up 2D work. I highly recommend you visit it. Go make a cup of tea whilst the page loads it’s image heavy. Click Here

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3D My first photos

I just want to add this link to one of my first efforts at 3D photography. I’m using two Casio Cybershot 4.1 megapixel cameras joined together with a bracket. Then performing a crude method of taking out the red and blue colour channels on the left and right images and combining the two in Photoshop. Although, all round, crude and slighty inept I still achieved a great 3D effect with this photograph.

Valetta, Our lady of mount carmel

One of my first efforts at 3D photography

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Welcome to the Depth Charge 3D Blog.

This blog is designed to be about anything 3D and is open to everyone so feel free to post, comment and air your opinions or if you know a bit about it then convey your some of your expertise on the fascinating subject of 3D in any of it’s forms.

I set up to showcase just some of my general 3D photographs. I’m a keen photographer with a passion for 3D photos. Depth Charge is just general photos, nothing special (apart from they’re in 3D!).

I plan to use it as a platform to showcase some of my fine art 3D photogaphy on My objective for that is to create pictures that are beautiful in their own right as 2D photographs but then with the bonus that they can also be viewed in 3D. More news on that later!

If you wish to draw attention to your own 3D work, projects or technology and the like then please sign up and start posting.

I hope this proves not only a useful resource for information regarding 3D but also an entertaining and visually stimulating site in its own right!

Let’s see where it goes :-)

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