3D Photography

Here’s an interesting, short, discussion I had with a new acquaintance and now good friend Alan.

Was good to meet you matey! (and my mum thinks the 3D photos are great :p)

You Too You’re brilliant, great fun.. and soon you’ll be in 3D on my site.. I’ll flag it up when I’ve done ’em. ^5

Lookin forward to it! I only ever normally see myself in 2D afterall 😉 haha

LOL eh hem yes, indeed. Rethinking what I’m doing now lol.
Actually I think this is rather interesting, (I would) because no one ever sees their whole self in 3D! Unless they’re on my site! Try looking at your face now?? OK OK, I hear ya.. what about just standing in front of a mirror? Well it’s all reversed and can only be reversed it’s a reflection and not how others see you.

haha mirrors are interesting
Feynman \’Fun to Imagine\’ 6: The Mirror

The best way to view 3D

That small conversation got me thinking… What is the best way to currently view yourself in 3D? If you don’t have a 3D monitor/display device and do not appear in a real3D movie then currently I still think the best way to view yourself (and others) is the cross-eyed method because it retains all the colour information and you don’t tend to get any color divergence once you’ve mastered how to do it.

Plenty of examples for you to try to practice crossing your eyes on the stereoscopic section of Depth Charge 3D. View stereoscopic photos by crossing your eyes.

I’d be interested in hearing opinions from anyone with 3D TV’s, monitors/displays etc. and their experience.


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