Depth Charge 3D aims to be about anything 3D.

Primarily 3D photography but not excluding anything else 3D. There’s bound to be crossover in whatever we discuss on here and with new and recent developments in viewing 3D it’s an interesting subject for discussion, opinions and posts.

Please feel free to join in!

Personally I love the depth to 3D images and films. Even the most apparently mundane 2D photography can be quite captivating when given the 3D treatment.

It’s an absolutely fascinating area for discussion given that as yet there’s no difinitive or standard way to view 3D. All methods either requiring glasses and or limited viewing times before an audience complains of discomfort

We’ve put men on the moon but we can’t deliver a truly comfortable way of viewing three dimensional photography or film! In fact, given the physical constraints of our bodies (eyes and minds) it’s impossible isn’t it?

It does beg the question why people and companies still strive with new technology to push 3D? If you want to be part of a blog contributing to a discussion that is about something that’s proving harder to do than space travel then please join in. All comments and opinions are very welcome.

Post a message and say hi now on Depth Charge 3D Photography Blog have fun with it! It’s yours.

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Depth Charge 3D

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