Texas State Fair 2011

Took a few pictures at the Texas State Fair, these are ghost reduced using stereo photo maker.


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Live in Dallas, Texas and have been taking 3D photographs for a little while. I started using a Realist film camera, but have just recently bought a Finepix Real 3D W3. You can check out some of my 1st attempts at www.share3dimages.com
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  1. Andy says:

    Dave thank you. These are brilliant. I really enjoyed seeing these latest posts and it’s not primarily because they’re in 3D. It’s just so great to see what other people are doing and to see their customs and in this case your ‘county fair’. Given me great pleasure to see :-). I must start posting local attractions and events, you’ve inspired me to get snapping more.

    From a 3D point of view they’re good shots. I find, as with all 3D images, their depth is increased if I sit further away from the screen and I particularly like the photograph of the Cars, it’s got great depth and of course, being a mans, man, I like the subject matter of exotic cars. I wouldn’t mind one of these Chryslers (I think that’s what they are) myself.

    Really enjoyed seeing this latest post tyvm.

    Just a quick note: I’ve set up a related Facebook page for people to be able to post their 3D pics and discuss them there. A modest little 3D community. It’s also another good way to post links to your site and generate more interest.
    3D Photography on Facebook

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