My Favorite 3D photo I have taken so far

I took this latest picture of my daughter in the sand pit at the sub-division swimming pool. Which seems to be her favorite place right now. I think I was really lucky with this one, the distance was just right, nothing interfering in the foreground and nothing too complex in the background. I created the anagyph from the .MPO file from my W3 in StereoPhoto Maker using the Dubois (Red/Cyan) stereo output option. This seems to mute the colors a little and stop the glare from any color conflicts.

Sophia in the sand pit

Let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions to improve the shot, or how I create the anaglyph please let me know. When I take more images I will post here and on my website –

About Dave

Live in Dallas, Texas and have been taking 3D photographs for a little while. I started using a Realist film camera, but have just recently bought a Finepix Real 3D W3. You can check out some of my 1st attempts at
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2 Responses to My Favorite 3D photo I have taken so far

  1. Andy says:

    Dave, you mention being lucky with this shot, with your distance being right and nothing too complex in the foreground and background. I’m not sure a photographer should admit to such luck because you create your own luck even if it’s only by the persistence of keeping taking photographs.
    Well done for getting this shot, I can’t suggest anything to improve it, the 3D is impressive. Love it! A sweet shot of Sophia. I’m not seeing any ghosting when I view it, lovely.

    3D Angle

    Actually the more I review and view 3D shots, some of the best effects seem to have been taken from an angle above the subject/s similar to this. (At a guess somewhere between a 30-45 degree angle.) A lot of great 3D cityscapes seem to have been taken at this kind of angle.

  2. Kevin Clakley says:

    The child in the sand picture, is really clear with 3-glasses. Good depth in the picture.

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