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OK, why I like this one. It hasn’t actually got that much depth. How could it? It’s just a shot of the ground, a few stones and a discarded broken water bottle. But stand back from the screen and the depth of the water bottle’s clear. The hard ground and stones reveal their smaller depth too.

It’s personal too…

I love to run. Cyprus is the hottest place I’ve ever run. I took my camera with me on this run and stopped at the point of this discarded water bottle. I cannot describe how hot it was and for that moment I imagined I’d run too far and that I needed water. What would it be like to see this discarded broken water bottle? To me the shot is lovely because my feet and trainers are not in the shot but are revealed only by the shadow.

Me Running subtitle: Out of water

Me Running - subtitle: Out of water

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  1. wim hoppenbrouwers says:

    Very beautiful site! Can I put some of my anaglyph pictures?

    regards Wim

    • Andy says:

      Thank you Wim and yes please do post your pictures. That’s what this 3D website is all about. We welcome your 3D pictures and any comments you have related to the subject or your experience of 3D photography.
      It’s easy to do.
      Look to the bottom of the right column. Listed under ‘Meta’ is Register.
      Register to be provided with a ‘username’ and ‘password’. Then you’re set to upload your photos and comments.

      I look forward to seeing your photos.

      Best wishes
      Andrew Rice
      DepthCharge3D Photography

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