Large sexy woman sculpture statue (Silver)

Where is that? Was the question from a friend regarding a picture post of a large sexy woman sculpture I recently posted on my facebook jokes site

Naked woman sculpture exhibit (silver colour)

Love Land Sculpture Park, South Korea. Most of the exhibits are by art student graduates of Seoul’s Hongik University. Although part of the park is given over to new artist displaying works of a similar sexual theme. The park opened on November 16, 2004.

Actually, it took me a while to find out where it is and so in an effort to help people with the same question (Where is that?) I’m posting the response on here with the relevant tags and keywords.

It’s located in the Love Land Sculpture Park, South Korea on JeJu island. Many erotic and sexy sculptures, most of which produced by Art graduates from Seoul’s Hongik University. Currently their website isn’t full of information on the Park. So you might try

I would’ve loved to have credited this nude woman sculpture with the artist but, I cannot, as yet find this information. Although this picture is comedy the sculpture itself is quite beautiful and powerful seen from different view points. I’m presuming this one is one of the many produced by the Art Graduates at Seoul’s Hongik University.

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