Thanks Giving – A little late

Well been really busy over the past few weeks. Not had time to take any picture, only a couple on Thanks Giving. Did learn a good lesson when taking pictures of the kids visiting Santa. Don’t try to take 3D picture while juggling 2 camera, just does not work, you need to concentrate more when your taking 3D photos, the composition, distance from subject. Its really not a game of point and shoot. Anyway, take a look at the photo below of our Thanks Giving turkey. BTW it tasted good.

Thanks Giving Turkey - yummy

Also been working on a internet store, so if you live in the USA and are in the market for a BeerHat (cowboy hat made from beer boxes) then check out


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Live in Dallas, Texas and have been taking 3D photographs for a little while. I started using a Realist film camera, but have just recently bought a Finepix Real 3D W3. You can check out some of my 1st attempts at
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  1. Ang Hans says:

    I am just learning to shoot 3d but having all sorts of issues…..I can not afford to buy a fancy rig to place two camera and I have tried placing them as close as I can on a tripod its working out better than me trying to move ONE camera from one eye to the other. I am also looking to intern with anyone in the Los Angeles area that specializes in 3d photography

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