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Latest Anaglyphs – Hay Bales

Took these this lunchtime while cycling around the sub-division. Don’t think they came out too bad. Still practicing. You can see more on my blog at

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Red in your photo, not so good

Well I took a bunch of photos at the play area with the kids yesterday, and learnt a valuable lesson. Red in you photo does not do well in an anaglyph. Take a look at the first photo, the slide … Continue reading

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My Favorite 3D photo I have taken so far

I took this latest picture of my daughter in the sand pit at the sub-division swimming pool. Which seems to be her favorite place right now. I think I was really lucky with this one, the distance was just right, … Continue reading

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1st attempts with my Finepix W3

Just recently bought a Finepix Real 3D W3, and I thought I would share a few of my 1st attempts, I think with a little practice you can take some really good 3D images. I’m currently converting them to anaglyphs, … Continue reading

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