Temple of Saturn Rome 3D

saturn anaglyph stereo

anaglyph stereo

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Baardagame Lizard 3D

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Baardagame Lizard 3D

anaglyph red/cyan glasses please. (red/cyan)

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Samurai Wereldmuseum Rotterdam 3D

Samurai Wereldmuseum Rotterdam anaglyph

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Erasmusbrug Rotterdam wide base 3D

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3D AC Cobra

AC Cobra London to Brighton Car Rally

AC Cobra. London to Brighton Car Rally. Colour Anaglyph

AC Cobra at this year’s London to Brighton Car Rally. Photograph by Andrew Rice.

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London Anime Con 5

Great Fun!

Personally I love these events. It’s difficult to describe the good natured enthusiastic fun atmosphere. I suppose it’s to be expected when you get so many like-minded fans of a genre together in one fantastic venue.

The Anime Con’s have such a wide variety of genre’s and cross-over’s from the fine-art of beautifully crafted comic characters to the more recent video gaming characters. Anime and Comic conventions cater for the whole lot and they all mix with equal enthusiasm and respect. I believe that ultimately it’s the theatrical fantasy that best describes what binds and enchants audiences of all ages.  Here at London’s Anime Convention you have fans and characters from all genre’s as well as entertainment to match!

This event held over a weekend included live concerts and a Cosplay masquerade. Some of the artists were Zonic, KimmonoTime, Yumizu and Method Cell and DJ’ing from the likes of Nintendisco and Akemi Solloway. The Cosplay ‘Otaku Fashion Show’ featured, Lolita’s, Steampunks, Cybers, Harajukus, Geek Chics, Kawaiis, Rave’s and Goths. The show sponsored by Spirit Models.

A brilliant Fashion show with some amazing outfits. For me, one of the highlights of the London Anime Con 5.

Lise Toftdahl Olesen 3D color Anaglyph

Events Organiser Lise Toftdahl Olesen at the London Anime Con 5.

See some of the characters as stereo-pairs photography.

Or see this photo (and others) as color anaglyphs on snb3d.com 3D Photography website.


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Lepa Dinis at the London Anime Convention 5 (2012)

I’ve known of Lepa Dinis for some time. I Admire her artwork (she’s very a talented artist in her own right!) and what she’s done to her own body is downright spectacular. She is a living art form!

Well, she’s a fantastic model too and I bumped into her at London’s Comic Con 5. Her cosplay role on this occasion was a superb little Pikachu.

You can find her on her modelling site Model Mayhem.

She’s an extremely professional model, realising what I was trying to do without the need of my explaining. I was trying a long exposure shot without a tripod. She posed with the stillness required for me to achieve this fantastic 3D photograph.

Lepa Dinis at the London Anime Convention 5

Lepa Dinis as Pikachu at the London Anime Con 5

I’ve posted this image on the site whereby I’m showcasing some of my best examples of 3D Photography in FULL SCREEN. The depth of these images really increases the further back you view them.

For full screen, 3D photography snb3d.com

For anaglyphs of the event 3D Photography.

For 3D photographs of the event Depth Charge 3D.

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London’s Anime Convention 5 at the Rocket centre

A couple of weeks ago I attended the London Anime Convention in London’s busy Holloway Road. The venue was the Rocket Centre. I’ve attended an Anime and Comic Convention before.
Actually, it started for me by my going to Britain’s and Ireland’s Next Top Model Live Show at Excel (Excel located east London Docklands area). My objective was to get some classy photos of models during the catwalk show. Little did I know that many events run on the same day at London’s Excel centre, it’s a HUGE exhibition complex easily catering for several massive events at once.

As I neared the event, traveling by tube train, I saw more and more people dressed in fantastic costumes. Some of them I recognised as Comic Characters, others were new to me! Then as I entered the Excel area, the place was buzzing with, what seemed, hundreds of characters. I started to photograph them and completely forgot about the Catwalk show as these people were not only dressed up but also having a fantastic, fun time! If you ever feel in the need for some fun, a comic convention is just what’s needed.

Super Mario Brothers in 3D

The Super Mario Brothers in 3D at London’s Anime Convention 5.

See more Anime Convention pictures here or visit my 3D Facebook page.

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Large sexy woman sculpture statue (Silver)

Where is that? Was the question from a friend regarding a picture post of a large sexy woman sculpture I recently posted on my facebook jokes site http://www.facebook.com/FunnyJokesandPictures

Naked woman sculpture exhibit (silver colour)

Love Land Sculpture Park, South Korea. Most of the exhibits are by art student graduates of Seoul’s Hongik University. Although part of the park is given over to new artist displaying works of a similar sexual theme. The park opened on November 16, 2004.

Actually, it took me a while to find out where it is and so in an effort to help people with the same question (Where is that?) I’m posting the response on here with the relevant tags and keywords.

It’s located in the Love Land Sculpture Park, South Korea on JeJu island. Many erotic and sexy sculptures, most of which produced by Art graduates from Seoul’s Hongik University. http://www.jejuloveland.com/eng.html. Currently their website isn’t full of information on the Park. So you might try http://www.vacationideas.me/asia/jeju-loveland-theme-park-south-korean-island/

I would’ve loved to have credited this nude woman sculpture with the artist but, I cannot, as yet find this information. Although this picture is comedy the sculpture itself is quite beautiful and powerful seen from different view points. I’m presuming this one is one of the many produced by the Art Graduates at Seoul’s Hongik University.

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